Version 0.1.5 is now available

Author: Ivan Vetrau | Tags: v.0.1.5 | Category: news

Huge job has been done to present you new version of InvaNode CMS! Some dramatic changes performed and hundreds of hours spent to add stability and performance!

Get latest InvaNode CMS on GitHub: link

New InvaNode is online!

Author: Ivan Vetrau | Tags: v.0.1.4 | Category: news

InvaNode CMS development process goes on and on! Now you can download and use version 0.1.4 with loads of new features and fixes, multicore support and dynamic pages caching

Get latest InvaNode CMS on GitHub: link

Installing InvaNode CMS as AppFog application

Author: Ivan Vetrau | Tags: appfog | Category: docs

AppFog is a very nice PaaS provider. They have some preinstalled applications, including Node.js, and they have some free plans - which is very good too. So it is realy easy to make some changes in InvaNode source code and get free working cloud CMS.

Here the simple solution for installing InvaNode CMS as AppFog application.

InvaNode CMS users access levels

Author: Ivan Vetrau | Tags: docsinvanodeadmin_panel | Category: docs

The new stuff starting from version 0.1.3: users access levels. That subsystem helps to separate different users by their permitions into five groups. Each group has number of permitions, starting with "superuser" (level 0, has all rights) and ending with "inactive user" (level 4, no rights). Read that post to find out more about user access levels.

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